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“The most potent muse of all

is our own inner child.”

– Stephen Nachmanovitch

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Orb Adventures Series

Join  the magical Orb as it travels the world bringing mystery and adventures to each of its owners!

The Mystery of the Wailing Woods - Book 1

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 Available on Amazon and other bookstores near you!
Paperback and Kindle formats

A weekly hike turns into a heart pounding adventure.

The Allegheny National Forest, always filled with fun and surprises for 10 year old best friends Griffin and Caleigh, suddenly becomes a place of intrigue and danger.

An eerie sound leads them to discover a strange looking being.

An argument sends the friends in opposite directions. Griffin contemplates what is right. Caleigh plunges headlong into catastrophe.

READ The Mystery of the Wailing Woods to learn what happens next!


“a gripping and atmospheric tale”

Anna Legat,

author DI Marsh Series

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