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Orb Adventures Series

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When 10-year-old best friends encounter a strange being, their hike turns into a heart-pounding adventure.

Griffin McGee and gal pal Caleigh Providence can’t wait to get back into the Allegheny National Forest. As they run along a trail, an eerie, wailing sound stops them in their tracks.

Following the sound, they are shocked to stumble upon an other-worldly creature. What to do?


A heated argument sends Griffin home to contemplate his next move. Caleigh runs headlong into catastrophic danger.

Will Griffin find the courage to face the creature?

Will Caleigh make it out of the forest unharmed?

What do you do when you see

a baby dragon in trouble?

James, Tristan, and Talia Jenkins have to find a solution. Their new gift from America, a magical orb, provides puzzling clues. A drive to Rocky Valley, a mystical place near King Arthur’s castle, is the key.

Traveling back in time brings them unimaginable challenges. They must be brave and smart when interacting with mythological beings. 

This is a mission they pledge to complete,

with their lives, but can they do it?



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