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Tim Knight

Tim Knight grew up in Surrey in southeast England, which is a landscape like Tolkien’s Shire, with its little streams, woods, and gentle rolling hills. His most formative experience was exploring this countryside with his mum. As they walked, they would create stories about the places that they visited. At school, he was what was called a “late bloomer,” going from being educationally somewhat away with the fairies to studying chemistry at Imperial College in London. Coming from a large coed high school, he found the rigors of a mainly male, hardworking, and rather puritanical college tough at first. But it, and an emotional break-up, led to his finding his creative, artistic side. After graduation, Tim worked for six years as a teacher in Leicester before moving to Cornwall in 1990. Within weeks of moving there, he knew that he had returned home. Tim found his muse within its remote moorland and beaches. Writing with Diane, Tim feels as if he has been transported back fifty years, creating stories of mythical beasts that are there to be found by those who are prepared to explore just that little bit further.

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