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Everyone loves free stuff!

Below you'll find coloring pages, games, and other fun activities for Orb Adventures Explorers! Which adventure will you choose next?

Coloring Pages

Color the Squonk

What color should he be? What does the flower look like? Show us your best artistic skills when you color your very own Squonk!

Coloring Page: The Squonk

Coloring Page Squonk.png
CH 8.jpg

Writing Exercises

Continue the Adventure

Continue Caleigh & Griffin's adventures

when you write the next chapter of the story.

Writing Exercise: Continue Griffin and Caleigh's Story


Let's have some fun!

Here are some games for you to enjoy with your new Orb Adventures Friends! 

Games: Making New Words Worksheet

Games: Word Search Worksheet (& Answer Key)

Word Search.png
Squonk bookmark.png


Create a Squonk Bookmark

Print out this page and personalize it your way.

Then, cover it with packing tape to make it sturdy

and waterproof. Now you have your very own

personalized Squonk bookmark!

Create Your Own Bookmark: The Squonk

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